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ProTee Base Pack TGC

  • ProTee Base Pack TGC

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ProTee Base Pack TGC


Build your own professional Golf Simulator!

The Ultimate Golf Simulation Experience with 150,000+ pre-designed courses and online play.

The most advanced and affordable 3D golf simulator available on the market today. The software has been uniquely designed to experience the ultimate 3D golf simulation for home, professional and commercial use.

Using your own clubs, you set up to hit the shot just as you would on a real course. The next generation gaming software allows you to drive off the tee, hit fairway shots, pitch, chip and putt the ball into the hole. Experience your draws and slices just as in real. After every shot the simulator flies, in impressive graphics, along the ball’s trajectory to where the ball ends, ready for the next shot. Detailed swing analyzer info is provided to improve your game.

Design a new golf course with just 4 clicks or use your creative skills and imagination to create something from scratch using the included golf course designer.

1 high speed camera for ball tracking and state of the art light speed infrared sensors for club behaviour ensure that all details out of every swing are gathered. Latest technology is embedded in both software and hardware to guarantee the most precise ball flights.

Feel yourself at the golf course!

Includes The Golf Club 2019 Simulator edition.

Package includes:

  • ProTee Professional Sensor System
  • High Speed Vertical Launch Camera
  • Double Halogen Light System (requires 12v AC 150w transformer)
  • The Golf Club 2019 Simulator edition
  • USB to Serial convertor
  • Universal power supply
  • USB extension cable

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